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For many years slots games were mechanical machines that had three reels and a handle for the player to pull on. If a winning combination hit the player would win some money. Simple, effective, but not the most entertaining game one could play in a casino. Over the last 100 years the games have evolved in many different ways. Electronic online slots revolutionized how online slots game players play the games, and today�s slots game players have a bevy of game types from which to choose.


Today online slots game players can choose from traditional three reel slots, five reel slots, 3D slots, progressive slots, and mobile slots games. Many even provide slot games for mac. Each offers their own entertainment value and are themed with some type of subject matter that appeals to certain players. New slots games are being offered by online casinos every few months and the future of video slots games is focused on improved player experience.


Whether you re a classic slots player or you enjoy the state-of-the-art video and sound effects of the latest 3D slots games, can help you find the games that meet your taste and action levels. monitors live progressive jackpots and offers reviews of the top progressive jackpot games online casinos offer. We also update players on new industry developments and game releases. If you�re new to playing online slots here�s a basic breakdown of how each type of online slots game plays out.

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Five Reel Online Casino

Five reel slots games were the first step in the slots evolution. Five reel slots offered players more ways to hit a payout and more wagering options. Players could now choose which lines they wanted to bet on, or they had the option to bet on all of them. With so many ways to hit smaller payouts these games immediately became popular with slots game players.


Five reel video slots games were the first slots games to offer bonus rounds where players would win extra credits or free spins if certain combinations hit, or if a player collected enough hits of a certain symbol over numerous spins. The bonus rounds were a big feature for the players, offering a break in the action and a bonus win at the same time.

Three Reel Poker / Classic Poker

Classic slots games mimic the original mechanical games that had three reels. Reel symbols are usually fruit themed with some type of jackpot or money bar symbol for larger payouts. Though simplistic, these games have limits on betting and experience. Potential jackpots in the classic slots games are smaller, so instead these games pay out more mid-range payouts more often. This type of payout experience appeals to many online slots game players.