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iGaming Business Affiliate Awards 2017

The annual iGaming Business Affiliate Awards were held and they presented AskGamblers with the prestigious “Best Casino Website of the Year” award for 2017. This is a huge honor for the company and is a sign of how much excellence in igaming they are offering to the gambling public. If you had any doubt about AskGamblers they were likely put to rest this past week.

Right now there are plenty of online casinos for gambling choices out there. Just do a Google search and you are going to find hundreds of online casino options. That is not to mention the land- based options if you wanted to travel!

The choices are more diverse than ever and that means that players have a huge advantage. By far, it is a player’s market right now. Players are dictating where gambling companies are going and how they are quickly changing the market.

There was a time when gamblers were new to the market and took what they could get. Those days are long gone now! Now, it is the player that decides what he or she wants. The websites that reviews online casinos have to respond and meet the demands if they are to remain viable to the market. This is where companies are working overtime to meet the needs that are out there. If you are a gambler, then now is a great time to see what it out there. Likely you are going to be happily surprised at the choices and diversity leading the market of tomorrow.

AskGamblers has proven to be a force to be reckoned with though over the years. It never was a ‘small’ website; in fact, it quickly rose to fame as a leader in the world of online casinos. This is why it gained notoriety. People were surprised at the number of gambling and wagering choices they had at the casino.

This is why there are so many different elements to the online casino. They never rested on their laurels, but rather they continued to develop their online gambling reviews. This is why they were honored at the iGaming Business Affiliate Awards and noted as one of the best online casino website available today.

Playing at Website

If you are looking for a new online poker website to work with, consider playing at

Not only is this one of the best online casinos you are going to find, but it is offering a great tournament schedule to work with. It is holding its Super Stack international tournament and expanding it. If you love to play poker then you are going to love playing at

One of the best things about this poker website is that it focuses solely on poker gaming and in a lot of ways that can be an advantage. That likely means that the casino has put all of its energies into building the games, while creating a great gaming experience. If you are trying to learn the game of poker, then this is a great casino to test out. It has plenty of different games to get in on and tournaments to play in.

Now the website announced that it is adding to the different venues it works with for the international tournament. The website is a Gibraltar-owned one and is now having their Super Stack series coming together. This is a tournament that will be running throughout Australia and the UK. It should begin April of next year and it is a two-day event to enjoy.

The casino event will have some special features to work with. It will have a buy-in of $185 that starts players off with a 20,000 chip stack. This is enough to work with to make any player involved in the game. It isn’t too outrageous and it still is enough to make sure that you have enough chips to play an intense time of gaming fun.

This is for the Canadian Deep Stack event and players can work the 30-minute blinds. In the end, the payouts can reach upwards of $20,000. There also is a weekly additional qualifier for $41 that guarantees at least one seat.

If you are ready for a moderate level tournament put on by a premiere website then check out This is a website that is going to most likely perform well for you for years to come.

Three Reel Poker / Classic Poker

Classic slots games mimic the original mechanical games that had three reels. Reel symbols are usually fruit themed with some type of jackpot or money bar symbol for larger payouts. Though simplistic, these games have limits on betting and experience. Potential jackpots in the classic slots games are smaller, so instead these games pay out more mid-range payouts more often. This type of payout experience appeals to many online slots game players.

Five Reel Online Casino

Five reel slots games were the first step in the slots evolution. Five reel slots offered players more ways to hit a payout and more wagering options. Players could now choose which lines they wanted to bet on, or they had the option to bet on all of them. With so many ways to hit smaller payouts these games immediately became popular with slots game players.


Five reel video slots games were the first slots games to offer bonus rounds where players would win extra credits or free spins if certain combinations hit, or if a player collected enough hits of a certain symbol over numerous spins. The bonus rounds were a big feature for the players, offering a break in the action and a bonus win at the same time.