In the United Kingdom, both land-based and online, there are certain things to consider regarding the legality of gambling, how to conduct your self in a casino, and how to avoid addiction. On this site, you will also find the basics of each casino game as well as some tips and strategies that the professionals use to be successful.


How to Conduct Yourself:


Follow these simple tips on how to conduct yourself in a casino and avoid being thrown out on your arse.

Drink in moderation: Alcohol is legal in casinos and is generally always available but that doesn’t mean to go crazy. The casinos want you to keep drinking to cloud your judgment so don’t get sucked in if they offer free drinks or specials.

Tipping: It’s completely up to the individual on whether or not to tip your dealer. But, consider this. Casinos are a “people business”.  If people don’t have a good time, they will not come back. Casinos base tips on this. If no one tipped, casinos would have to cut back on promotions and comps, and your favourite low-profit game might disappear. Tipping other staff like the waitress or barman is encouraged.


Table limits:


These are put in place to regulate the type of players casinos want for that particular table. For example, a £1 per chip roulette or £5 per hand at blackjack will keep the average gambler happy but a high-roller would want £100 per number at roulette or £1000 per hand on blackjack Find the table best suited to your bankroll. You have the same odds at either.

Know your rights: Let’s say you are a victim of bad procedure at a casino. For instance, you had your chips on a number on the roulette table but the dealer took them off by mistake. First, explain your issue calmly to the dealer and inspector. If that doesn’t work, ask to see a manager. Security cameras should be able to verify your claim. If they refuse, phone or write to the Gaming Commission and get witnesses. If you are a victim of rudeness or even violence, follow the same procedure. In the end, a casino will want to maintain its reputation and not get a tarnished image.


Tips to Avoid Addiction:


Managing your bankroll is the most important thing to remember when gambling at a casino. You should at no point lose control over managing your finances. A serious gambling addiction can affect other things in your life like your family and livelihood.


Set a timeframe for your gambling. If you plan for an hour but are down at the end of that hour, don’t keep going. Don’t chase your losses. If you have a bad beat, swallow your pride and come back later if you have more money in your bankroll. Don’t gamble to pay off other debts. It’s a vicious cycle that can take hold of even the most responsible people. On the other hand, know when to stop if you’re on a hot streak. Don’t get caught up in the excitement. Keep your wits about you and cash out at the right time. It’s better to quit while you’re ahead than when you’re in the poorhouse. Also, gamble for entertainment, not because you wake up every day and feel the need to. Excessive gambling is a telltale sign of addiction. Once you stop having fun, it’s time to stop.